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On-grid solar PV system
Link Light solar power station, Solar power systems is high-power supply equipment of used sunlight as power or merge into AC power grid.
It produce the electric energy and save by the storage battery during the day, then provide the DC12V, DC24V, DC48V and AC220V power as per your requirements when you use during day or night. It’s high-tech and green power system for no electric line and remote area instead of traditional generating equipment. The system is consisted of high energy conversion efficiency and high outdoor durability solar module (overall corrosion resistance, storms, hail resistant) and high-performance, multi-protection charge / discharge / inverters(with the functions to prevent battery from over-discharge, overcharge, short circuit, reverse polarity, overload, lightning, etc.) and long life maintenance-free batteries and other accessories. The AC 220V, 380V power output can be used for power supply of multiple load equipments. Optional accessories (charger adapter digital products, energy saving lamps, LED lights).

Target facilities: power system for rural and remote areas
Usage: household appliances, public lighting, other AC electrical equipments
1. the load capacity of terminal equipment / stations is variable, the power supply is more flexible;
2. can running intensively and control the PV power systems separately;
3. can easy to establish the facility monitor system, do not need to lay long-distance transmission lines, good system stability, less maintenance, low maintenance cost, daily / monthly / annual generating capacity clearly visible, and can be entered into the computer record.
Power generator room: Special electric power control steel structure
Solar modules matrix: 288V 30KW
Battery modules: 220V 2000AH
Controler: 220V 150A
Inverter power: 220V 50KW
Supply load: AC 20KW
Other type systems we can design in accordance with the need of customer