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Solar street path lights use solar energy as power to lighting during night, poles and solar module are integrated designed, it has wind and hail resistance capacity, the internal use intelligent charging and discharging and microcomputer light control and time control line. This product use the high efficiency lighting source,it has the advantages like high brightness, energy saving, easy installation, stable and reliable, no need to lay the cables, no conventional energy consumption, automatic switch control, and long life,etc. Mainly applied to urban roads, residential area, garden, villas, industrial parks, tourist attractions, green belts of parks and other place for lighting.

Light source power: 25W-180W 
Lamp pole height: 5M-12M
Application: urban road, residential area lighting, industrial park, tourist attractions and other places.
Technical parameters and application:
Type Bracket material Solar panel Solar battery Light source Bracket height Working times Continue wet weather Remark
YHST-P630 Special steel 120Wp 12V150Ah 30W 6000mm 6-10h/night 3-5 days Path type
YHST-P630A structure 90Wp 12V120Ah 30W 6000mm 6-10h/night 3-5 days
YHST-P840 Hot dipping 180Wp 12V120Ah 42W 8000mm 6-10h/night 3-5 days
YHST-P960 Spray-painting 280Wp 12V150Ah 60W 9000mm 6-10h/night 3-5 days
YHST-P1080   360Wp 12V200Ah 80W 10000mm 6-10h/night 3-5 days
YHST-P11100   450Wp 12V240Ah 100W 11000mm 6-10h/night 3-5 days
YHST-P12120   520Wp 12V150Ah*4 120W 12000mm 6-10h/night 3-5 days
YHST-P12140   600Wp 12V180Ah*4 142W 12000mm 6-10h/night 3-5 days