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On-grid Solar System On-grid Solar System
On-grid Solar System

On-grid solar power system is the simplest and most cost effective way to connect PV modules to regular utility power. Grid-Connected systems can supply solar power to your home and use utility power as a backup. When you produce more power than you use, your surplus green / renewable electricity goes into the grid to be used by others. When you use more energy than you produce or at night when your solar panels do not produce, power produced by your utility is sent to you via the grid. No matter what size system you have, you do not have to make any lifestyle changes.

The major components of a grid-connected solar generating system are as follows:
• Solar Array is a group of solar panels which absorb solar energy and convert this to DC power. The number and type of solar panels will determine how much energy you can produce, as will your geographic location.
• Inverter converts the direct current electricity from the solar modules to utility-grade alternating current that is perfectly synchronized with the utility grid.
• Utility Energy Meter (reversible) measures the net energy consumed by the customer. The meter spins forward when the customer draws energy from the utility grid and the meter spins backward when excess PV energy is fed to the grid.
• Electrical Distribution occurs via the building’s existing electric panel with no additional equipment required.
• Solar Mounting Racks can be used to mount solar panels on the pitch/flat roof or ground. This mounting system provides a standardized option for speed, ease and low cost of installation.